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Macbook Repair

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Why take it to a geek or genius when you have smart techs?

Virus and other malcious programs can wreak havoc on the performance of your computer, let alone the compromise of your personal information such as credit cards, bank account information, personal identification numbers, addresses, and more.  

Our Virus/Malicious Program removing service will not only make your Mac or PC run faster, but you will have the peace of mind knowing criminals will not have access to your personal information.

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Laptop repair

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Does your computer not perform the same as the day you got it? Overtime with use the computer allocates files to various different sectors of the harddrive.  The scattering of bits of information causes performance slow downs, taking longer for programs to open and run.  Our Mac/PC Computer Tuneup Service will get your computer back running to the same speed the day you bought it.  

We work on all makes and models.

Laptops are great in that they are light, easy to carry, and have the computing power of a full size computer.  However life happens and your Laptop screen gets damaged.  

Smart Tech Repair are experts in replacing broken or damaged Laptop Screens.  Call us today with the make and model, more importantly with the serial number and we will give you an affordable quotation.  Or better yet bring your broken Laptop into our stores so that we can give you an accurate quotation.

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